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Writer Gotta Write Nov 06

Ah, November. The month of the writer. #NaBloPoMo and #NaNoWriMo here I come!

But wait! Have I already failed? My first published post of the month is today. I only have one other in the works for this blog, and one for my professional blog. My many novel bits and pieces have a layer of dust so thick, they are barely recognizable. 

But does that mean I’ve failed at the yearly writing challenge? 


November is like the new year for writing. It’s a month to remind ourselves why we do write, and should continue to write. And it’s not because the internet tells us to all month long. 

Writing is therapeutic.
Use daily writing to vent your angers and fears. Write them down and throw them away. Writing gives you the opportunity to say what you can’t say out loud in real life. You can also empty all the mundane tasks in your mind onto a task list and turn them into ordered plans and actions. 

Writing helps to enhance communication skills.
Without routine practice, skills deteriorate, and writing is no different. Clear, concise writing allows for better communication between friends, family, and coworkers in our increasingly digital society. 

Writing reminds you why you’re doing this
– whatever this may be. I’m reminded of this every time I see my social media feeds fill with gratitude posts as we count down to Thanksgiving. Too often we find ourselves dwelling on the negative and wondering how we got to this terrible place. For the majority, that’s just not true. There are highs and lows throughout life, and no matter whether you’re on a little low or a LOW low, it’s important to remind ourselves of the good in us, in our lives, and in the world. 

For every one out there that thinks they’ve failed because they haven’t kept up with the national month of writing, think again. And again and again. Then write about what you were thinking about. It doesn’t have to be published after it’s written. Write for the therapy, the enhanced communication skills, and to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

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Book Review: Frosted Jan 12

*Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Post may contain affiliate links. And, while I strive to avoid spoilers, there are details that need to be shared to make a thorough review.*

One of the more recent additions to my list of favorite authors is Laura Griffin. I’ve followed her Tracers series from the beginning. Frequently when I would search the internet to find a new author to try while waiting on my favorites to write a new book, the author Allison Brennan would come up. Her Lucy Kincaid series sounds right up my alley, but I know how I am with book series. If I like it, I will obtain and read them all. Start to finish, pausing only to eat and take or pick up the children from school. The series was already at least five books in at that point, and I just couldn’t commit myself to it. And then! During one of these searches, I discovered that a book co-authored by these two individuals was available for pre-order. And it would be a series.

I was ridiculously excited and pre-ordered it. And a new love was born.

As much as I would like to start at the beginning and review them in order (I love order), that would be a stumbling block for me to actually write a review. So instead, I start with a very recent release in the Moreno and Hart series, a novella titled Frosted.

Private investigators Scarlet Moreno and Krista Hart receive an all expenses paid weekend to a ski resort as compensation for helping up-and-coming actor Adam Brock determine if he is actually being stalked. He also happens to be Krista’s ex-husband. The interactions between Krista and Adam perfectly explain why their marriage failed, but you can’t help but feel affection for them.

Also invited along for the weekend are Adam’s manager, Dave, and acting coach, Trina. They all share the penthouse suite at the resort, which is the only one available after a wedding fills up the rest of the resort. The odd interactions between the wedding guests and Adam, Krista, Scarlet, Dave, and Trina make for some interesting distractions to the the case being investigated.

In order to get the answers that Adam needs, Moreno and Hart ask for help from Scarlet’s brother, who is a cop, and the interactions between siblings give you some nice background and updates to Scarlet’s life, since this book is more about Krista. I, personally, appreciated that glimpse.

There was one thing that really bothered me about the story, and it’s going to be hard to write about without giving away the ending. The reason that Adam is being stalked is unusual to me. The depth to which the plot goes that results in Adam being stalked is a little extreme. Part of me appreciates this. But, it actually read as very rushed. I just re-read the ending, hoping I had missed something because it was late and I was tired by the time I finished the book. I still do not actually understand WHY ANY of the events happened that resulted in Adam being stalked.

Despite this, it was an enjoyable 100-page read. I’m ready to tackle their next book, Lost and Found, which is waiting for me on my Nook. If you’re already a fan of either Laura Griffin or Allison Brennan, or enjoy mysteries with realistic characters, this book, and the entire series, needs to be on your list of books to read.

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An Attempt to Describe Jan 05

This might be the most jumbled post I’ve ever written, and this is only the first sentence.

I posted a couple days ago about having my Mind Blown by an image in my FB feed. An image that made me want to write ALL THE THINGS.

But I can’t. Because the noise in my head is too great.

And it’s not currently the noise of doubt or failure, but the noise created by the rest of life.

Only another parent can comprehend the love I have for my kids. I have an awesome husband who took off winter break with the kids and we’ve had some great fun.

But the noise distracts me from immersing myself in reading and writing. And most of me feels bad about it. These are fantastic times in all of our lives, and there’s a constant distraction in my brain. A constant buzz to fall into another world. Itching to create until all the creative things have been created.

How do you balance all your loves? And then how do you balance all your loves with the daily minutiae?

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Mind Blown Jan 03


This image came across my Facebook feed on New Year’s Eve and blew my mind. At one page a day, I could complete a novel in one year. I got so excited! And then froze. Do I start from scratch? Do I push forward on one of my many ramblings? Do I just resolve to write in all the genres this year in preparation for THE PUSH (whatever that may be) next year? Always, always the biggest obstacle we have to overcome is ourselves, and this is a classic example. Too many options, the illusion of not enough time, the fear of failure. It all adds up to projects that remain incomplete.

Have you ever had to push through? How did you make the necessary choices?

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