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This Is How We Do It Dec 31

Celebrate Christmas, that is! (Yes, Christmas. I’m behind. New Year stuff coming shortly.)

Christmas is a big deal in our house. For my husband, it’s about the opportunity to buy gifts for friends and family and watch their faces light up. While this is also important for me, I just enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling the decorations give me, the opportunity to bake, and the increased niceness of people. Well, until you get to the last couple days before Christmas and all the procrastinators are out and angry that they’re not done yet. 😉

We were all spoiled this year, which was a bit surprising to me. Everything I’ve read in the last few weeks told me to expect hugs or small tokens under the tree, because Christmas is all about the kids. Well, the same quality (if not quantity) of gifts was given to us by our family and friends.

Here’s a few pictures of the Santa magic and our Christmas Day.

If anyone knows where I can buy a bigger house to fit all the new stuffz (preferably in Central Florida), shoot me an email. 😉

Now, it’s time for me to walk away from the computer and go back to enjoying the warmth of the season. Unfortunately. I hear the cool weather will be returning though!

Happy Holidays!

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Toddler Talk Thursday – Holiday Gifts Dec 09

This week’s topic is : What gifts do you plan on getting your little one for the holidays?!

This has been a difficult question in our house this year, especially since my daughter’s birthday is just 2.5 weeks after Christmas. I already bought and gave her one of the things I put on her Christmas list (Beauty and the Beast on DVD) because I thought it would help during our car trip to NY. And then I left it on the kitchen counter, but that’s beside the point. 😉

I’ve deemed the Cozy Coupe a must have because my brother and I had so much fun with his when we were young. Nothing like presenting an almost 2 year old with her very own car! 😉
I’m not sure if this is the exact playhouse I’d like to have. The husband and I will look more closely when we go out to holiday shop for the babe, but this seems to be an all-in-one design that will amuse my daughter at least for a couple years.

The problem with those two items, though, is that we don’t have a lot of outdoor space. Our cars take up most of our short driveway and there isn’t any space out back to ride the Cozy Coupe. The playhouse will fit great in the back yard though! It should focus toddler attention nicely so we’re not always chasing her through the neighbor’s backyards. 😛

I’m at a total loss for indoor toys. Again, we don’t have a ton of space, so the indoor play things (like popup huts or tunnels, or ball pits) aren’t a good choice for us. She is totally in love with all things Crayola, but we’re still working on things like not coloring on the walls. She’s getting better, and seems to know that when mama says no and takes the crayons away that it’s something she shouldn’t do, but still, every now and then, color gets on the walls that isn’t supposed to be there. 🙁

Tips appreciated for holiday gift ideas or Crayola cleanup. 😉

P.S. It’s also time to refill the closet with next year’s size, but kids never REALLY want that until they get into their teens!

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Halloweekend Nov 01

I admit it, I totally stole the title from PB and Jenny. It’s an awesome title, and really describes the fun that was had, so I hope she doesn’t mind. 🙂

For the first time ever on my blog, I’m going to give you a mostly picture post. It’s the best way to show off everything we’ve been doing, which includes my rock star, a glimpse at our trip to Cocoa Beach, the destruction of my kitchen during the Halloween Baking Extravaganza, Disney Hollywood Studios and Trick or Treating! Enjoy! We sure did. 😉

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It took 5 weeks for my daughter to stop being miserable at school.

As soon as we walked in the door of the school, she started to cry. We walked into her classroom and she started to scream and hang on to me for dear life. I put her bag away and took her to the tables to check out the toys available for play that morning. One of them was a Disney babies pop-up toy. I sat on the floor. She glued herself to my lap and stopped crying while she played with the toy. I gave her a hug, told her I had to leave, and passed her off to a teacher. She started screaming again, but I have to leave anyway.

As I head to the Y for a wellness meeting, I’m feeling positive that my outgoing and friendly daughter WILL adjust to school. It’s been a big one for her, and I don’t discount that, but when she’s always been so happy to see other kids, her reactions have left me confused.

So I head to the Y intending to learn some machines and still have time to do some shopping. I was wrong.
The fitness expert I was paired with was really nice, and not at all mean like the personal trainers I’ve met or worked with in the past. She really wanted to make sure that I knew how to use the machines and equipment that would help me best. However, there are a LOT of machines I can use (and at least as many that I shouldn’t) and so I spent two hours getting the run down.

I haven’t been that tired since my daughter was newborn (or that sore, either). I raced home from the Y for a shower and a turkey sandwich (I’d only had a banana for breakfast, and the peanut butter sandwich I had in the car was gone in two seconds) and had to stop at Starbucks on the way to pick up the babe just to stay awake. I couldn’t wait for nap time.

Then I got to the school to pick my daughter up. As soon I started down the hallway she saw me (she likes standing at the door and watching everyone come and go) and, for the first time, was NOT crying hysterically for me. She was ecstatic to see me, and reaching and bouncing and yelling, but she wasn’t hysterical. I picked her up, gave her a huge hug and she looked at me and gave me a tiny smile before laying her head on my shoulder. She’s NEVER smiled until I put her in her car seat to go home. Her teacher tells me that even though she still wasn’t joining in their games, that she had come over to check out each new thing that they were doing, and had ASKED to paint! Her teacher pulls her painting out of her bag to show me, and even though it was loud and I couldn’t hear very well, I swear my daughter said, “I paint” and gave me a big smile before burrowing into my shoulder again.

She still isn’t eating snack or lunch, but this? THIS IS PROGRESS. 😛

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Freedom! Week 5 Sep 12

Let’s recap the first four Mom’s Morning Out classes that my daughter attended.

Week 1: She cried the entire four hours I was gone. I had a very lazy morning that included coffee and a scone INSIDE Starbucks and taking care of some chores since the husband was out of town.

Week 2: She cried almost the entire time I was gone and took a very short nap she was so upset. I had a very good morning at the movie theater seeing Vampires Suck.

Week 3: She cried for a long time at drop-off, but then quieted down for a bit until other parents started coming in for pickup. I picked up coffee on my way home and spent 3 hours lounging in my recliner playing Warcraft. The silence was fabulous, but I also was wishing that I had something to DO.

Week 4: She calmed down shortly after I left, although she was still refusing to participate. This week she did actually drink and eat the mini strawberry fig newtons out of her lunch. Pickup was upsetting again, even though I was one of the first parents back. I spent the morning touring and filling out membership forms for the YMCA, registering the babe for her very first swim lessons, and meandering through Target. For anyone who has missed seeing it on Twitter, I <3 Target’s remodeled grocery section. It’s wonderful.

This brings us to the present. Week 5 is tomorrow morning, and I have no idea what to expect. I’ve been warned that one of her usual teachers will not be there, which I’m sure will throw the babe for a loop. I have a wellness meeting at the Y shortly after I drop her off and I don’t know what I’ll be doing during that either. I know they’ll be introducing me to their equipment and the FitLinxx equipment, but am not sure how to plan my own activities around that. Especially since I don’t really want to run errands while sweaty and gross.

It sounds like tomorrow will be another learning day for both of us. Wish us luck!

How do you handle new situations?

Mom’s Morning Out Week 2 Aug 24

Oh boy. This MMO stuff is supposed to be fun for both of us. I had a FANTASTIC time at the movies watching Vampires Suck. My daughter, on the other hand, cried the entire time I was gone, refused to play, and more distressingly, refused to eat until I came back to pick her up. My daughter has never refused food. I think it’s forbidden based on her genetic makeup.

This is a big adjustment for both of us, even more so for her since she has spent her entire life with me (minus a few days vacation for mental health). The most confusing part to me is, she LOVES other kids. She gets the biggest smile when she sees other kids at Publix, Target, the mall, even at church where she’s going to school. But this week we walked into the school building and she started to cry, and apparently did not stop. When I walked in to pick her up, she was on one of the assistants’ lap with the saddest expression I’ve ever seen and a tear stained face. As soon as we walked out her classroom door, she sniffed and gave me a big smile and tried to inhale her lunch on the car ride home.

I’d like for her to continue to go. I think it’s important. I’m also required to pay her tuition whether she attends or not. So how do I fix this? How do I convince her that school is fun? I’ve always enjoyed school, so I’m a little lost. My brother never liked school, but he says he has no idea what to say to convince her otherwise either. He’s not very good at talking to her, but he’s good at hugs and active games. 😉

All advice and empathy is appreciated. We have one more week to try things as they have been before we start a planned goodbye.