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Writer Gotta Write Nov 06

Ah, November. The month of the writer. #NaBloPoMo and #NaNoWriMo here I come!

But wait! Have I already failed? My first published post of the month is today. I only have one other in the works for this blog, and one for my professional blog. My many novel bits and pieces have a layer of dust so thick, they are barely recognizable. 

But does that mean I’ve failed at the yearly writing challenge? 


November is like the new year for writing. It’s a month to remind ourselves why we do write, and should continue to write. And it’s not because the internet tells us to all month long. 

Writing is therapeutic.
Use daily writing to vent your angers and fears. Write them down and throw them away. Writing gives you the opportunity to say what you can’t say out loud in real life. You can also empty all the mundane tasks in your mind onto a task list and turn them into ordered plans and actions. 

Writing helps to enhance communication skills.
Without routine practice, skills deteriorate, and writing is no different. Clear, concise writing allows for better communication between friends, family, and coworkers in our increasingly digital society. 

Writing reminds you why you’re doing this
– whatever this may be. I’m reminded of this every time I see my social media feeds fill with gratitude posts as we count down to Thanksgiving. Too often we find ourselves dwelling on the negative and wondering how we got to this terrible place. For the majority, that’s just not true. There are highs and lows throughout life, and no matter whether you’re on a little low or a LOW low, it’s important to remind ourselves of the good in us, in our lives, and in the world. 

For every one out there that thinks they’ve failed because they haven’t kept up with the national month of writing, think again. And again and again. Then write about what you were thinking about. It doesn’t have to be published after it’s written. Write for the therapy, the enhanced communication skills, and to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

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