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Book Review: Lost and Found Mar 04

*Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Post may contain affiliate links. And, while I strive to avoid spoilers, there are details that need to be shared to make a thorough review.*

Oh, the betrayal.

Scarlet Moreno has no idea what she’s in for when she sends investigative partner, Krista Hart, on the search for a missing witness from the case that shuffled Scarlet out of the LAPD. All she wants is the answer to WHY she was set up to die by someone she thought was a friend. With Krista’s help, Scarlet gets her answers, but the cost is high.

While I doubt it is, this story could signal the end of Moreno and Hart. Can Scarlet overcome this much betrayal? Will she be able to pick up the pieces and move on?

Without spoilers, I can’t even begin to guess at the answers to these questions. All I ask of authors Allison Brennan and Laura Griffin is, IS there going to be another book? The depth of story that they have created over all four books in the series is phenomenal, but so many loose ends for both characters have been wrapped up in the most recent releases. What does this mean for the future of Moreno and Hart, both as characters and as a series?

Hopefully the answer is coming in the near future.

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