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Countdown to Christmas Dec 03

Last year I put together a 24 Days of Christmas Togetherness list of activities to help the kids and I celebrate the season. With just 27-ish days between Thanksgiving and Christmas again this year, I’m going to do the activities again and add a few more to fill the season with holiday cheer. Here is this year’s revised list!
1. Put up and decorate the Christmas tree.
2. Watch a Christmas movie. (What’s your favorite??)
3. Take a drive and look at Christmas lights.
4. Take a selfie
5. Bake Christmas cookies (possibly gingerbread people)
6. Sing and dance to Christmas songs (I’m thinking this will happen several times ;))
7. Go for a nature walk. This won’t be nearly as pretty in central Florida as it would be in, oh, say, the Smoky Mountains, but we’re going anyway
8. Have a fire in the fire pit.
9. Buy and wrap a present for Daddy
10. Enjoy delicious holiday beverages from Starbucks. Or Dunkin Donuts. We love all things with a pound of sugar and caffeine.
11. Take an informal family photo
12. Make a foam wreath and stockings as interior decorations
13. Check out the tree and lights at Cranes Roost Park
14. Go to Disney and see the dancing lights at Hollywood Studios
15. Make hot cocoa. And not the instant kind.

How do you celebrate the holidays? Does your family have a favorite activity that I can add to our list?

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