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December 2013 Dec 31

We set ourselves up for a busy month. We had a list of Christmas activities to complete. Of the 15 activities I could think of, we completed 12 and added making gingerbread houses out of foam and stickers, Christmas scenes painted with water, completed two rather than one round of Christmas cookies, and made Christmas trees out of chocolate and pretzels and decorated them with sprinkles.

I alluded to our new adventure and it is now complete with its own recap to come.

Now it’s time to prepare for the new year. What should we do? What goals should we aim for? I’m not big on resolutions, but every year we get older and it becomes more important to aim for a healthier lifestyle for the adults and teach a healthy, happy lifestyle to our kids.

It’s time to dust off the once a month recipes, eat more vegetables and get out there and be as active as we can in the coming year. This gets easier as the kids get older, as I have found out. 😉

Do you make resolutions? What are your goals for the new year?

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A New Adventure Dec 28

In April of 2012, we bought a popup camper. Since then, we have only taken one camping trip to somewhere other than Fort Wilderness (where we’ve stayed 8 times that I can remember). That changed the day after Christmas when we left for Stone Mountain, Georgia.

The kids are familiar with the popup and they’re familiar with Stone Mountain. A friend and I took the kids there less than a year ago to participate in Snow Mountain. But when it came time to plan our holiday trip this year, our first choice – Fort Wilderness – was booked. And it was still booked when I tried to call over the next couple weeks. So we had to change our plans, and I mentioned this trip.

It’s a big trip. Towing the popup means you have to be careful where you stop and watch your speed. It may handle well, but you all know that occasionally you find yourself going WAY too fast on the highway and that won’t work when you’re towing something. It also means cramming the kids in the car for 8-10 hours. The trip up last time took 10 hours and the kids were fussy by the time we got there. The trip home? Took 7.5 hours. They knew what I meant when I said we were going home and they didn’t want to stop for ANYTHING. My oldest didn’t pee the entire trip home. It was a very odd adventure, but one my oldest and I really wanted to repeat.

So we did.

If you follow my Instagram, you’ve seen our adventures “live.” If you don’t follow me, but will start now, you can flip back through the pictures from the trip. They might appear here, they might not, but there will be a recap written at some point.

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