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Blogging From My iPhone May 30

I’ve had an iPhone 5 for 6 weeks now. One of the reasons I was excited to get one was so that I could blog on the go. Napping kids in car? No problem, write a blog post! Cute pic on the phone? No problem, schedule a Wordless Wednesday!

But, like many other times, I got distracted by life and a houseful of sickies and never got around to it.

Now I’m giving it a try and I’ve already “lost” a post. My birthday post (which was already late) says published, but in a category titled failed. Anyone know how to fix this? Are there any tips I must know to get the most out of blogging from my iPhone?

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  1. Lee says:

    I’m not fast enough with the soft keyboard to attempt this yet… Especially with the kinds of tech stuff I usually post…