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Shoes Apr 15

As a female, I’m supposed to spend my days lusting after super high sparkly heels that are far more pretty than comfortable.

However, I’m a mom of two. I spend my days at home or at the playground, barefoot or in flip flops.

But some days require footwear other than flip flops, and then I have a problem.

Not with the days that require fancy shoes. Nono, on those rare occasions I actually enjoy shopping for those shoes. It’s the activities and locations that require sneakers that stump me.

My foot has a slightly unusual shape for an woman since I spend so much time without constricting shoes. My feet are a narrow V that doesn’t seem to translate well to sneakers.

I keep looking at minimalist shoes, hoping they’ll be closer to what my feet need and will be comfortable in, but how can you tell which shoes are right for you?

I’ve been looking mostly at Brooks Pure Cadence, Pure Cadence 2, and Adrenaline.

How do I decide? Is there an easy way to find ONE store that has all 3 styles for me to try on?

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