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5QF Mar 08

Since I was a contributor, I feel it appropriate to do my own 5QF this week! 😉

1. Does your family coordinate clothing for church on holidays like Easter?
No. We don’t attend church very often, and have family pictures taken even less frequently, so we don’t have a need for all 4 of us to match. For various reasons, the girls will have coordinating outfits, and if we feel so inclined and have the clothing pieces to do so, my husband and I have been known to coordinate ourselves to them. But will you ever see me searching for 4 coordinating outfits for a holiday? No.

2. How do you get out of a funk?
Music or dessert. Cheesecake or fresh baked anything with ice cream are the big ones.

3. Online friends – real friendships or not?
Oh, I’d love to say that they are REAL real, but there is enough pessimist/realist in me to know that some of the most offensive people in this world put personas on the internet for years in hopes of turning someone into prey. So I kinda like to say be cautious and if you do physically see these people and your instincts were right and they’re not looney tunes? Give them even bigger hugs and enjoy it all the more.

4. What is the one food you must eat in a restaurant (not make yourself)?
Cheesecake. Too much work, too many ingredients.

5. What would happen in your home if you ran out of ketchup?
Nothing. We’re not huge ketchup fanatics. Honey mustard or a sweet and spicy barbecue are our go to items. Or sometimes Boar’s Head Pepperhouse Gourmaise. Depends on what we’re eating! 🙂

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