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FREE Book! Jan 29

My husband wrote and published his first book, with some help from Amazon. For anyone interested in learning more about Getting Started With Computer Security, check it out!

I’m sure you’re looking for a review of some sort, or words of wisdom to up and coming computer security gurus, but that’s not my forte.

What I CAN tell you is that it is well organized and easy to read. If you have recently become employed in computer security and your friends and family look confused by any statement other than, “At work,…” then this is the book for them. It does not answer all possible questions (and isn’t meant to), but it can help to bridge the gap in conversation and maybe get others to realize how much this subject means to you (and should mean to them).

My favorite section is Digital Forensics because I’m interested in investigative processes. Really, I like anything that has a process, whether investigative or not. For me, this section was too short, but I have to remind myself that this is an introduction and, with luck, there will be more to come from this series. I hope there are many others who feel the same way about the sections of this book!

The most difficult section for me to read was about certification. Because certification in any of these fields is not what I’m interested in, it turns into a jumble of alphabet soup, but would prove invaluable to someone breaking into the career field and trying to make sense of what certifications they will need.

If anyone is interested in certifications, there are resources available at INFOSEC School, and quite a few other locations.

If you’re already in an entry level position, are in the process of receiving certifications, and need an updated resume to apply for all the new positions you qualify for, CV Launch can help you on your way.

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