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PacSafe MetroSafe 200 Anti Theft Shoulder Bag Nov 13

MetroSafe 200

For those of you who read my very belated birthday post, or my opportunities post, you probably noticed that I went to Prague this summer. One of the biggest concerns for anyone in a foreign location is pickpocketing and the possibility of identity theft. My husband found a company called PacSafe that helps reduce the possibility of this happening.

After many hours perusing the company’s site and several minutes spent searching Amazon, I decided to purchase Pacsafe MetroSafe 200 Shoulder Bag – Grape Wine (affiliate link)
to be used as a flight carryon and as a purse during our upcoming travel. Thanks to Amazon Prime, it was at my doorstep in 2 days, ready for me to inspect it.

I ordered the bag in Grape wine, which is a pretty appropriate description of the color. It’s purple, but with a little bit of red, much like a red wine. I showed the bag off to everyone I knew (almost literally) within the first 24 hours that I had it. They all like the bag, but think it’s too small for a carryon, but would make a great purse for travel. I took this as a challenge and set out to see exactly how much this bag could hold!

(In an effort to get this post out of draft form, please accept my apologies that there isn’t a picture here. Every time I find the kitchen table to create the picture, the tornado that is life comes through and covers it up again. I’m sure you know how that goes!)

I carried on the plane with me:
Neck pillow clipped to the strap
Super size bottle of Advil that also held other OTC medications not available OTC in Europe (which is most)
A spare t-shirt and underwear
Noise cancelling headphones (that I couldn’t use because they’re single input and the plane is dual audio output)
Bottle of water
Gum/candy for take-off and landing
Nook (My husband’s laptop bag carried charging cables for all of our devices, since we have the same)
iPod Touch
Blackberry Torch
ID holder containing driver’s license, debit card, and 1 international credit card
$100 USD for emergencies
1 quart ziploc containing hand sanitizer, lip balm and travel sized deodorant

So that’s everything I remember cramming into the bag, and I’m having a REALLY hard time coming up with anything else that anyone would NEED to have in a carryon. Sure, there’s plenty I could take, but how much do I want to schlep through airports and have to stow on board?

When I walked around the city of Prague, I kept the ID, Blackberry, iPod and payment with me, and was left with plenty of space to hold any small items that were purchased while sightseeing. I was able to have my hands free and my bag secure, so I could be aware of what was going on around me.

Overall, I love this bag and will be using it any time I travel away from home. The features and capacity are a perfect fit for the way I like to pack.

**Disclaimer: PacSafe and Amazon have no idea who am I and I was not compensated in any way for this post. All items were paid for with my own money and I just wanted to share my experience with others.**

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