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Oh How I Wish She Could Talk Nov 07

So my baby turned 1. With my first, this was the turning point. She suddenly lost all the remaining annoying infant habits and started to grow up.

The second is still working her way out of the newborn stage. She’s still up at LEAST once per night, altho now we just do a diaper check and quick snuggle and tuck her back in. Somewhere.


She can’t seem to sleep in her bed for more than a few hours. Her best sleep happens in her infant car seat in the office.


Altho she can appropriately use a good half dozen words and another half dozen gestures, once she’s upset, she gives up on using them and just screams until we both need time out.


Despite squeaking out the minimum sleep for her age, any time she ends up in “time out,” she will fall asleep after about 10 minutes.


My darling Emma? Is it your mattress? Your sheet? Your clothes?

The temperature? The amount of light? The amount of white noise?

Do you need more activity during the day? Do you need more food?

Oh, how I wish you could talk and answer these questions… Our days would be so much smoother…

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