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Squeeee!!! Apr 17

So, last Friday (Friday the 13th!) the husband and I packed the kids into the car and did something mildly crazy.

We found a local dealer and bought a 12 foot pop-up camper.

This one, to be exact…


It came with a HUGE Campground & RV Park & Atlas, and, travel geek that I am, have spent the last few days staring at national and state park information, and interesting ways to roam the U.S. For example, did you know you could circle the 48 contiguous states using 4 interstates? In my case, I-10 west, to I-5 north, to I-90 east to I-95 south. Of course, that doesn’t include my drive to get to I-10, that’s just the route.

We’ve already planned 2 weekend camping trips, and are looking for a 3rd weekend. I’d also like to make plans for our first big trip, but I don’t think my husband has enough vacation time available if we keep the other plans we had already in place. I guess we’ll see how everything works out!

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