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The Whirlwind Apr 12

Beginning on April 2, my life just became ridiculously busy.

I registered both girls for swim lessons. Beginner for DD1, SafeStart for DD2. DD1 is easy, just twice a week for 4 weeks. DD2 goes EVERY WEEKDAY for 6 weeks, just 10 minutes a day. Ridiculousness! However, I’ve seen how well graduates of the program can swim, and since it’s already summer here in FL, this is absolutely necessary for her health and safety. So I’ll deal with the insane schedule and exorbitant cost.

To fill the time until (and, later, after) lessons start, I signed up DD1 for Tumble Time and Music and Movement at the YMCA twice per week. And she still goes to school 2 mornings per week. And there was Easter, a birthday party, I volunteered to do the end of year gifts for the teachers, mine and my husband’s birthdays to prepare for, and Muffins with Mom within the next month. Then there are 2 end of year parties, week long parent/child camp at Sea World, and a weekend at the beach. Somewhere in there I’m hoping to do a few days at Disney, and if we do buy a popup camper, I want to take the whole family on a few camping adventures.

Prior to April 2, I was still plugging along adjusting to being the mom of 2. We’d finally mastered Publix, Target, and both story times. And by mastered, I mean I either shop every other day because there isn’t enough shopping cart space for more groceries than that with both kids, or I pawn off at least one child on my now semi-retired mother to watch for some quasi-peaceful shopping, or wait until DD1 is in school and it’s just DD2 and me. It’s become normal, no matter which way you look at it, and it’s getting comfortable. Which is probably why I mixed up the schedule so mightily by adding in a half dozen activities and vacations.

This is what I’ve been up to and will be up to. Hopefully there will also be more time for the blog, but I won’t commit to it. I want blogging to feel natural, not like a job or another requirement. I want to write because I have something to say, and hopefully there are still readers out there who will read and comment and help me work through whatever it going on. 😉

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