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29 Weeks Aug 07

*How far along?: 29 weeks today

*Total weight gain: About 17 pounds

*How big is baby?: Roughly the size of a loaf of bread, approximately 15 inches and weighs about 3 pounds.

*Sleep?: Still very inconsistent. Some nights I sleep 8 hours fine, others I’m awake every 3 for one reason or another. I’m still getting sleep though, and that’s what’s important!

*Best moment this week?: I don’t recall anything fantastic, but we did have a great time stacking blocks as high as the kid could reach at the library, and wandering through Target playing with everything.

*Movement?: All the time. She’s pretty quiet in the morning, but after I’ve been up 2-3 hours she starts moving around and doesn’t seem to stop until I fall asleep at night.

*Food cravings?: Potato chips, chicken salad, and bagels.

*Stretchmarks?: Nothing new šŸ˜‰

*Labor signs?: Negatory

*Belly button in or out?: Still in, thank goodness! Definitely flatter though. šŸ™

*What I miss: Being able to play on the floor with my daughter. There is no good position for me on the floor.

*Complaints: I’m going to skip this question, because it seems like I’m constantly grumpy about the general pregnancy problems.

*What Iā€™m looking forward to: 3d ultrasound on Wednesday!

*Nursery Progress: After the new carpet was installed, we set up the new crib in the girls’ room. I forgot about a mattress though, so it’s pretty plain so far! šŸ˜‰

*What items do you still need to buy for baby?: Crib mattress and diapers. I still WANT a zillion new clothes for her, but we don’t NEED them, nor do we NEED any new infant toys, but I’m sure we’ll get some anyway. I’m having a lot of fun putting together registries with as many “silly” items as serious ones since we still have most of my older daughter’s stuff!

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  1. grace says:

    I agree, having the flexibility and energy to play adequately with S is getting to be a challenge!!