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I KNOW It’s Only July! Jul 27

BUT… Everything I think about is already fall oriented, and fall doesn’t unofficially start until August 22nd (when school starts) and not officially until September 23rd!

There are 3 reasons that I can think of for my strange thought pattern, and the first is that I LOVE fall baking and colors. There are more apple pies and dipped apples and even dips for apples (such as Caramel and Pumpkin) and I can’t forget our family and friends favorite fall crack, Sparkling Candy Corn Cookies. Clothing and decorations come in fantastic colors like golden yellow, orange, rust, copper, and brown. And the final reason? DD2 will arrive just before Halloween, the official start to my happy season, which ends after DD1’s birthday in January.

Because of my love for the season, and to keep DD1 from “missing out” while I take care of DD2, I’m trying to get everything Halloween and partially Thanksgiving oriented taken care of NOW. I don’t want to have to try and think through the newborn fog that will cloud my mind, I want everything as much in order as I can possibly make it. It will make life easier on all of us. Also, the more I can get completed now, the more me activities I can squeeze in while DD1 is in school. I doubt I’ll have much time for me activities once DD2 arrives, and I’m ok with that. It’s part of the mommy territory. I just wish the fog wasn’t happening in the midst of my favorite season…

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  1. R-Sizzle says:

    I’m excited for fall for one reason: COOLER WEATHER. Right now it’s Monsoon season up in hurrrr so not only is it hot, but it is HUMID. Up next will be the dry season, where it is ridiculously hot and 2% humidity, and then, finally, the sweet relief of fall.

    Oh and I guess for pumpkin. I do like pumpkin.