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SO. PROUD. Jun 22

I am generally not an effusive person. While all my sentiments are heartfelt, they are usually quieter and more laid back than most people. However, this past weekend, this little creature right here…

… has made me SO PROUD.

As a relaxing start to my husband’s vacation, we spent 3 nights out at Disney (more on that later), and once again, my daughter proved herself to be an exceptional traveler.

We got out to Disney around lunch time on Friday and perused the hotel before returning to our room for a snack and a nap. Despite the lack of our usual nap time “routine,” she was asleep in her pack’n’play in about 20 minutes. She slept her usual 2 hours, then happily boarded a bus for the first time in her life. (The bus rides were a highlight of our trip for her. ;)) She rode in her stroller or walked with us all over Animal Kingdom and sat quietly through a very late dinner at Rainforest Cafe with minimal complaint. We ran through the rain to board a bus back to the hotel where she took a bath, got jammies, and was asleep in her pack’n’play within 20 minutes.

This basic routine continued ALL. WEEKEND.


This may not seem a big deal to some, but how many people can say they REALLY enjoyed every minute of a theme park stay with a 2.5 year old? Even from some of the other Disney moms I follow, there are usually issues of some kind, but my daughter? None. And I’m trying really hard to remember one.


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