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Changes Jun 14

The past week has been very frustrating for me. As we get closer to the birth of DD2, the more I want to just sit and cuddle DD1. I also want to keep the house in a non-embarrassing state of mess as well as give in to the organizing/nesting urge and take care of some of the clutter. But I can’t seem to DO these things. When I sit and cuddle, I feel guilty that I should be doing chores or organizing. When I try to keep the house in some semblance of order, I end up with all kinds of random aches and pains and am then stuck to the couch. It seems like every time I try to organize or otherwise nest, there is a distraction of some kind (and I have shiny object syndrome horribly) and it doesn’t get done or gets half done and looks worse than it did before.

I try to remember, as Joanna so elegantly pointed out, that these moments that I have left with DD1 are fleeting. Our days of being a family of 3 are numbered, and we need to enjoy them, because it will be awhile before we achieve this state of peace again. And when we do? It will really be time to take the world by storm with all the fun we’ll have.

I’m also amazed at how much quicker time is passing now that I’m pregnant. Sure, it seems like DD1 is racing through toddlerhood, but it’s become even more obvious since I hit the halfway point of 20 weeks. And, as Grace said, 20 weeks?!? Where has the time gone? I can now feel the babe move every day, at least one extended period plus some other small reminders of her presence. It won’t be long before others can feel her too.

I was lucky over the weekend to have my mom take DD1 for a couple hours so I could begin re-organizing the closet in her room to accommodate DD2. However, due to just way too many things (many of them not as important as I make them out to be) on my personal to-do list, we only got the shelves installed and DD1’s old clothes organized. But hey, baby steps. There are still a minimum of 17 weeks until baby arrives. 😉

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