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Top Ten Things I Carry With Me Feb 22

Joining in the fun with Katie at Sluiter Nation again today.

1. Blackberry Torch.

2. Keys

3. Wallet

4. Water bottle

5. Notebook and crayons or book

6. Sippy cup

7. Either my Tignanello purse or my daughter’s toddler backpack, depending on where we’re going

Those 7 items are all I NEED, but you can also find lip gloss, ibuprofen, wet wipes, tissues, a brush and mirror deep in the depths of my purse. You might also find a dozen receipts or a snack. I’ve learned to keep what I carry to a minimum to save my back as my daughter gets heavier, and leave tons of things in the car, which include diapers, wipes, other toys, snacks, and the stroller. But those 7 things I listed? Are always within reach.

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One Response
  1. Katie says:

    hmmm…I usually have water with me too. I probably didn’t have it when I emptied out my purse because i had finished it earlier that day! ha!