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The Crock Pot Blog Hop – Part 1 Jan 05

I, like most young adults, received my first crock pot as a newlywed. I can’t remember if it was the Christmas just before, or as a wedding gift, or maybe even the Christmas after, but I’ve had the crock pot for many a year now. I’d wanted one since the day moving out of my parents’ house became a reality so I could re-create all my fave winter foods: lentil soup, chili and beef stew.

Since then, my tastes have changed and I’ve modified each of the old family recipes to suit the change. But I always assume that everyone who has a crock pot has a personal version of these recipes, or a similar one for the stove top. So for this blog hop with @ksluiter, @middlemommyhood, and @notsuperjustmom, I’m going to get experimental. Over the next few days, I’m going to make a breakfast, dinner, and dessert in my crock pot, and hopefully blog about success and link the recipes to the hop. I like food challenges. 😉

If anybody wants to comment a suggestion for one of my meals, go for it! The more inspiration the better! For now, I need to get the babe and I dressed to go to the store and pick up the ingredients for said recipes…

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