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Toddler Talk Thursday: Potty Training Jan 27

This is going to sound insane, but potty training scares me.

My daughter just turned 2 and is starting to show signs of readiness, and I’m the one with the issue. We finally worked out how to handle car trips, mall excursions and school, and now we’re going to throw the monkey wrench that is potty training into the mix.

Car trips will now take 3 times as long because we will have to stop every hour-ish for a potty attempt and how DO you keep a 2 year old from touching a public restroom seat? Mall excursions will also become more restrictive, because I will need to memorize where every bathroom is because when a toddler has to go, they have to go NOW. Her teachers at school are great, but as the kids get older, they spend more and more of their day taking kids to the potty.

Someone please tell me potty training isn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be. That it won’t totally suck and mess up the rhythm we have. And that there are USEFUL potty training resources to be found…

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Top 10 Tuesday Jan 10

Sluiter Nation Top Ten Tuesday

This is definitely going to be a challenge since I don’t post that often, but here it is, in no particular order, my Top 10 Favorite posts, as requested by Sluiter Nation.

1. Colors of the Rainbow – How color impacts my life
2. Gotta Love Disney – Reviewing the babe’s first trip to the World
3. Passions and my Blogging Voice – One of many posts where I try to figure out who I am and what I’m doing
4. Social Ineptitude – A little about me
5. 28 Things – A lot about me on my birthday
6. 5 Days On, 2 Days Off – Proof life doesn’t change as much as you think
7. PROGRESS! – My daughter’s adjusting to school, finally 😉
8. McFatty Monday – My first entry for this meme
9. Kids and Television – My thoughts on a controversial topic
10. What WAS in my Diaper Bag? – One of my contributions to Toddler Talk Thursday

I hope you enjoyed reading them! Head over and visit Katie to link up your own!

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The Crock Pot Blog Hop – Part 1 Jan 05

I, like most young adults, received my first crock pot as a newlywed. I can’t remember if it was the Christmas just before, or as a wedding gift, or maybe even the Christmas after, but I’ve had the crock pot for many a year now. I’d wanted one since the day moving out of my parents’ house became a reality so I could re-create all my fave winter foods: lentil soup, chili and beef stew.

Since then, my tastes have changed and I’ve modified each of the old family recipes to suit the change. But I always assume that everyone who has a crock pot has a personal version of these recipes, or a similar one for the stove top. So for this blog hop with @ksluiter, @middlemommyhood, and @notsuperjustmom, I’m going to get experimental. Over the next few days, I’m going to make a breakfast, dinner, and dessert in my crock pot, and hopefully blog about success and link the recipes to the hop. I like food challenges. 😉

If anybody wants to comment a suggestion for one of my meals, go for it! The more inspiration the better! For now, I need to get the babe and I dressed to go to the store and pick up the ingredients for said recipes…

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Ah, Monday… Jan 03

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the return to normal. We’re almost back to normal in our house, my husband returned to work today after being off for over a week, but my daughter doesn’t return to school until NEXT Monday. Starting then, she’ll be going to school TWO days per week instead of just one like she did in the fall. Her school opened up the option for another day and despite some hesitation, I signed her up for it.

Life is really starting to fly by us, especially on her school days, and it seems like I’m missing out on time that I should be spending with her. However, the larger part of me thinks she needs the interactions with other kids, and to push her boundaries trying out new things. I am not good at branching out or getting her to places that allow her to interact with other kids, so she needs it. There will always be that bit of mom guilt though.

Since life is flying by, I still need to finish my 2010 recap post. It makes me smile every time I get the opportunity to add another picture to it. (Warning: It will be a VERY picture heavy post.) We really had a fabulous year, even if I didn’t accomplish the goal my husband and I set at the beginning of last year to lose 15% of my body weight (which just barely puts me into the normal weight range for my height). He was able to meet his goal, but is having a lil bit of trouble maintaining it, so we’re both going to be making changes again to accomplish the goal.

Speaking of weight, it’s time for an update:

This week’s weight: 155.4 (-0.8lbs)

I know that was accomplished mostly through sickness, but I’ll take what I can get. 🙂

Now it’s time to finish putting the groceries away and squeeze in some reading time before the babe is up from her nap. Although I’m not sure she’s actually been asleep yet, but at least she’s quiet in there. 😉

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