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This Is How We Do It Dec 31

Celebrate Christmas, that is! (Yes, Christmas. I’m behind. New Year stuff coming shortly.)

Christmas is a big deal in our house. For my husband, it’s about the opportunity to buy gifts for friends and family and watch their faces light up. While this is also important for me, I just enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling the decorations give me, the opportunity to bake, and the increased niceness of people. Well, until you get to the last couple days before Christmas and all the procrastinators are out and angry that they’re not done yet. 😉

We were all spoiled this year, which was a bit surprising to me. Everything I’ve read in the last few weeks told me to expect hugs or small tokens under the tree, because Christmas is all about the kids. Well, the same quality (if not quantity) of gifts was given to us by our family and friends.

Here’s a few pictures of the Santa magic and our Christmas Day.

If anyone knows where I can buy a bigger house to fit all the new stuffz (preferably in Central Florida), shoot me an email. 😉

Now, it’s time for me to walk away from the computer and go back to enjoying the warmth of the season. Unfortunately. I hear the cool weather will be returning though!

Happy Holidays!

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One Response
  1. Joanna says:

    That meal looks awesome! Great job! I love decorating for the holidays too, especially now with a little one around.
    Happy New Year, Erin!