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Let’s See What Happened This Week Dec 13

I don’t have high hopes for my weight this week, but anything is better than last week’s weight. The holiday food is really getting to me, and while I’m trying to be more active and keep the eating down, everything just tastes SO. DAMN. GOOD. I even went to Michael’s and bought treat boxes so I could give away a chunk of the baked goods I made so I don’t eat them. This week I made Toffee Apple Drop Cookies and Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cookies. Well, it’s time to see what the scale says…

This week’s weight: 157.0

Well, there it is. Less than last week.

In other news, even after Toddler Talk Thursday I still have very little idea what to get my about-to-turn-2 year old daughter. The husband and I made a trek to Toys R Us yesterday in hopes of finding some inspiration, but didn’t find much. I want to give her a big Christmas, but she already has everything she needs, and she’s not old enough to have a list of wants. Well, I’m sure it will work itself out.

Now I’m off to do some grocery and Christmas shopping while the babe is at school. That will have to pass for my workout, because I need to get Christmas taken care of before I go crazy. 😉

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