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Holiday 5QF Dec 02

Since I have yet to be able to wrap my head around a post detailing our epic Thanksgiving road trip, I figured I’d amuse myself (and hopefully a few others out there!) with Mama M’s 5QF. Just click the link to join the fun!

1. What’s on the top of your holiday wish list and why?!
Ummm… I don’t know… I have a wish list with quite a few items on it, but I’m not sure there’s anything I MUST have. The DVD of Eclipse perhaps? The iPod to make my car even cooler than it already is? The World of Warcraft Cataclysm Atlas that I probably won’t need by the time it’s released? The TomTom that I have yet to choose because there are just TOO MANY options?

I could live without everything on that list and still be a happy and content person. I just want to watch everybody else’s faces light up. 🙂

2. What is your favorite Christmas gift from the past?
The laptop I’m typing this on was a good gift. The desktop computer that preceded this was also a good gift. However, the one gift that I still have a zillion years later is a jewelry box my dad gave me somewhere in my early teens. My dad is a horrible gift giver and always a last minute shopper, he has since changed to just giving out cash for Christmas and birthdays. But that jewelry box has stayed with me through the years.

3. If you had life to do over, what would you be when you grow up?
A physical therapist, an orthopedist, or a registered dietitian. One of those will happen eventually.

4. When do you put up your tree?
We used to put up our tree after Thanksgiving dinner was cleared away. Now that we get the 3 cousins born within 3 weeks together for Thanksgiving, it’s one of the first things we do when we return home, or return to normal scheduling if we host.

5. What is your favorite Holiday?
Christmas, no doubt. I love the cold (even though there is very little of it in Florida), the decorations, giving gifts, baking until I collapse, and how the majority of the world just seems happier in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

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