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Freedom! Week 5 Sep 12

Let’s recap the first four Mom’s Morning Out classes that my daughter attended.

Week 1: She cried the entire four hours I was gone. I had a very lazy morning that included coffee and a scone INSIDE Starbucks and taking care of some chores since the husband was out of town.

Week 2: She cried almost the entire time I was gone and took a very short nap she was so upset. I had a very good morning at the movie theater seeing Vampires Suck.

Week 3: She cried for a long time at drop-off, but then quieted down for a bit until other parents started coming in for pickup. I picked up coffee on my way home and spent 3 hours lounging in my recliner playing Warcraft. The silence was fabulous, but I also was wishing that I had something to DO.

Week 4: She calmed down shortly after I left, although she was still refusing to participate. This week she did actually drink and eat the mini strawberry fig newtons out of her lunch. Pickup was upsetting again, even though I was one of the first parents back. I spent the morning touring and filling out membership forms for the YMCA, registering the babe for her very first swim lessons, and meandering through Target. For anyone who has missed seeing it on Twitter, I <3 Target’s remodeled grocery section. It’s wonderful.

This brings us to the present. Week 5 is tomorrow morning, and I have no idea what to expect. I’ve been warned that one of her usual teachers will not be there, which I’m sure will throw the babe for a loop. I have a wellness meeting at the Y shortly after I drop her off and I don’t know what I’ll be doing during that either. I know they’ll be introducing me to their equipment and the FitLinxx equipment, but am not sure how to plan my own activities around that. Especially since I don’t really want to run errands while sweaty and gross.

It sounds like tomorrow will be another learning day for both of us. Wish us luck!

How do you handle new situations?

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2 Responses
  1. My heart starts to race at the thought of having 4 hours of peace and quiet to myself… I probably wouldn’t get anything done because I’d spend the whole time just marveling at the silence.

    It’s great that each week gets a little better – before you know it you’ll drop her off and she will be so excited to go in that she won’t even look back at you!

    • Erin says:

      I’d never realized how much peace 4 hours could bring until she started this program. It’s fabulous. 😀