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Filling In The Gap Sep 02

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be about me and my journey as a stay at home mom. I think I’ve accomplished that, but I’ve also left out quite a bit of “me” to fit into the mom-blogger category (and I use the label loosely). Food is VERY important in my house, and not just as fuel for us all to run on. I LOVE to cook, and research new foods and recipes, and try to substitute unhealthful items for healthful ones. I hope to one day return to school to be a Registered Dietitian. However, the quantity of food information that I have wanted to share did not fit in with the rest of this blog, and my husband shares some strong feelings about nutritional needs as well.

To fill in the gap, we (mostly meaning me 😉 ) launched our food blog, The Way We Eat. Please peruse what we have so far, and hopefully subscribe to our RSS feed. This is new to us (especially the food photography we’ll have to master!) and appreciate any advice or constructive criticisms. Also, I know there are a few disclaimers that should probably be present, but I’m not real sure what they are, so, again, advice is appreciated.

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