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Writing About Bacon to Increase Blog Traffic? Aug 26

I read this tidbit on another blog today and since it interests me, I’ll give it a shot. 😉 Then I’ll tell you my opinion on Vampires Suck, which I saw Monday while my daughter was in preschool.

Bacon is one of the few meat products I can eat any time of the day, night, week, month or year. There are so many flavors and variations that it can be used for anything. Breakfast is the obvious answer, and I really like it in Split Pea Soup in place of ham. Bacon wrapped shrimp or scallops are also quite tasty, and there’s nothing like a bacon cheeseburger. The most interesting uses for bacon (or its likeness) that I’ve seen yet are Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar and Bacon Band Aids .

I would LOVE to get my hands on one of Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon bars, but the $7.50 price tag is a little steep when I don’t know anyone who has been able to try them. I’ve even briefly considered trying to make my own, but don’t think I’d be able to keep my hands off the bacon long enough to finish a candy bar, let alone multiples to share.

The bacon band aids concern me. I love me some bacon, but I really don’t think I could walk around in public with a bacon band aid covering up a scrape. That takes a certain kind of dedication (as well as a willingness to hold a conversation with complete strangers) that I don’t have. I leave this to the braver individuals wandering the world among us.

Now on to my review of Vampires Suck. While there are several references to other popular things (such as Gossip Girl, True Blood, Secret Life and American Idol), the movie is, first and foremost, a Twilight/New Moon spoof. It is offensive to the sensitive TwiHards and therefore should be avoided by anyone labeling themselves as such. For everyone who just loves a good comedy or a Jacob v. Edward debate, GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It is rated PG-13 for sexual situations, so be careful taking the kids with you. It follows the general plot of Twilight with its own version of New Moon’s ending. It does mention a Breaking Dawn “spoiler,” but really, who DOESN’T know that particular tidbit by now?

Following Becca, Edward, Jacob, Frank and Bobby around Sporks is as enjoyable to a spoof movie or comedy lover as the real Twilight cast of characters is to the romantic drama set. I’ve enjoyed all four movies out so far, and can’t wait for the last two to sum up the series. Maybe Breaking Dawn will inspire its own spoof and increase that to three movies I can’t wait to see?

Does anyone else see some calculation in the timing of the release of Eclipse and Vampires Suck? Eclipse is out of theaters in my area just this week, and Vampires Suck was released. Coincidence? I think not.

In short, if you like comedy and are an open minded fan or even a hater of the Twilight series, go see this movie.

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2 Responses
  1. Haha, I couldn’t use a bacon bandaid b/c I would spend the whole day trying not to eat it! And I want to see Vampires Suck, it looks funny.

  2. I hadn’t heard about bacon being a big SEO hit, I’ll have to fit it in somewhere… but eew, not about a bacon band aid. That just sounds slimy! 🙂