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Mom’s Morning Out Week 2 Aug 24

Oh boy. This MMO stuff is supposed to be fun for both of us. I had a FANTASTIC time at the movies watching Vampires Suck. My daughter, on the other hand, cried the entire time I was gone, refused to play, and more distressingly, refused to eat until I came back to pick her up. My daughter has never refused food. I think it’s forbidden based on her genetic makeup.

This is a big adjustment for both of us, even more so for her since she has spent her entire life with me (minus a few days vacation for mental health). The most confusing part to me is, she LOVES other kids. She gets the biggest smile when she sees other kids at Publix, Target, the mall, even at church where she’s going to school. But this week we walked into the school building and she started to cry, and apparently did not stop. When I walked in to pick her up, she was on one of the assistants’ lap with the saddest expression I’ve ever seen and a tear stained face. As soon as we walked out her classroom door, she sniffed and gave me a big smile and tried to inhale her lunch on the car ride home.

I’d like for her to continue to go. I think it’s important. I’m also required to pay her tuition whether she attends or not. So how do I fix this? How do I convince her that school is fun? I’ve always enjoyed school, so I’m a little lost. My brother never liked school, but he says he has no idea what to say to convince her otherwise either. He’s not very good at talking to her, but he’s good at hugs and active games. 😉

All advice and empathy is appreciated. We have one more week to try things as they have been before we start a planned goodbye.

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