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My Hopes for Mom’s Morning Out Week 2 Aug 22

Last week, my 19 month old daughter began her career in education. Every Monday during the regular school year she will be attending a class at my mom’s church and learning how to interact with other kids her age and to respect the authority of adults other than family. This is a HUGE opportunity for her, as she spends the majority of her time with just me. She needs to interact with others her age and really learn who she is and what she likes. This time is also an opportunity for me to catch up on things.

Last week I didn’t do so well catching up on things. This was a very unusual week, because my husband was in Monterey, California for six days attending a conference for work. This left me and the babe on our own for our longest time span yet. After his return, we also realized this is the longest my husband and I have ever been separated. Ever. We’ve been together 9 ½ years and six days is the longest we’ve ever been apart. I digress; I was unable to do much catching up last Monday. Instead, I spent my free hours hoping that my daughter didn’t spend the whole morning crying (she was sobbing when I left) and wondering what I was going to do with myself.

I started the morning at Starbucks with an iced tall nonfat caramel macchiato. Unless it’s winter, that is the only thing I order from Starbucks. I made a couple impulse buys while I was there, because, for what I think was the first time since the babe was born, I was INSIDE a Starbucks. While I sat and drank my coffee, I updated my mother and my husband on my daughter’s first morning at school and then came my dilemma. How should I spend my morning???

I ended up doing some chores around the house since it takes some time to recover after the Saturday night shindiggery known as Rock Band or Blur and made a quick trip to Kohl’s to use some Kohl’s cash and a gift card. Then it was time to pick my daughter up and get her home to finish lunch and take a nap.

This week, I’d like to do something for ME. Movies are something that I’ve always enjoyed, but for various reasons it’s hard to find anyone to go with me. So this week, I will be seeing a movie by myself. Vampires Suck is what I hope to see. In general, I like spoof movies, and I love Twilight and the Edward v. Jacob, Pattinson v. Lautner drama.

How did you fill your free time when your child(ren) started school? Any advice for me for future Monday morning activities?

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