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My Blog is a Lot Like My Life Aug 02

I only finish what I start when I do it all in one fell swoop. I have an entire Word document with at least three post ideas in the process on any given day, and yet, I only actually published four posts the entire month of July. Where is my final camping post? How has my blog not been informed of the babe’s upcoming school schedule? I’m behind on so many updates!

A part of me is completely unconcerned by this knowledge. This is because this blog is mostly for me. I created it to help work through issues and keep a record of events to help improve my memory of the firsts in my daughter’s life. Also, I know that LIVING life is more important than the recording of it. While records are important, it’s more important to be in the moment loving my husband and daughter than curled up with my laptop writing about them.

The rest of me is disappointed, because I started an online blog instead of a written journal to get feedback from others. How can I possibly obtain feedback if I don’t post? Let’s see if I can get my blogging act together this week. Starting with my very first two post day. 😉

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