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I’m Fighting With The Scale Again Jul 28

My bathroom scale is wrong. Totally wrong. What happened to all of my weight loss? Why is my number holding steady? Why is my number INCREASING???

It’s the damn Peanut Butter MnMs. And the Carvel ice cream cake that was left here after a birthday celebration. And the fact that my least favorite monthly visitor requires me to eat all day long. Or… I could be making excuses because I have to justify my sweet tooth. My weight problem is my fault and no one else’s, but that doesn’t make it any easier to solve.

The husband and I started a campaign of sorts on January 4th to lose 15% of our body weight by December 1st. We’ve both done GREAT! He’s actually lost his 15% and is hoping to lose more before he moves to a maintenance diet. I’ve lost about 10% and am REALLY struggling to lose the last 5% and the extra couple pound past that that will finally put me back at a healthy weight for my height.

Does anyone have suggestions for how to curb my sweet cravings? How about ideas for lazy people to lose weight?

I’ve heard high protein diets are good in general, but there are a LOT of calories involved in most of those plans and the lazys out there need low calorie intake. After all, weight loss is a math game. If calories in is less than calories out, weight loss will occur!

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