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5 Question Friday! Jul 02

It’s time for 5 Question Friday! Wanna play? Head over to My Little Life and link up!

1. What is one thing you miss the most about childhood?
The carefree days when my biggest decision was whether or not to ride my bike to the convenience store for candy. Basically, doing whatever I want to do just to bring a smile to my face. 🙂

2. Are you still friends with your friends from high school?
A couple, yes. There are a couple more I hear from on occasion, and a couple that I wish I did still hear from. I’ve also turned a couple acquaintances to friends since then. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media have come in quite handy!

3. Is there a catch phrase, cliche, or word that just drives you bonkers every time you hear it?
I hate the word vacay. I also hate the word panties. There was a phrase the other day that drove me crazy, and now I can’t think of it. That’s how it goes!

4. What is one thing that you think symbolizes America…besides “Old Glory”?
The Statue of Liberty? It’s the only THING I can think of. Diversity comes to mind, since so many countries created who we are today. Also, the first glimpse most immigrants had of this country was of the Statue of Liberty since everyone used to have to be processed through Ellis Island.

5. What are your 4th of July weekend plans?
The usual Saturday night Rock Band shindig, then more food and some kind of festivities Sunday afternoon for the holiday. The party is always at my house, although it’s a little harder to have an extravaganza this year due to some financial issues. 🙁

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One Response
  1. Chris says:

    Ha! I hate the word panties too! Totally agree! Following you from 5QF!

    Have a great weekend!