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Absenteeism Jun 01

I apologize to the few followers I have for my lack of blog participation this past week. I have had the hardest time getting things back together after I was sick at the beginning of the month. It’s been frustrating for me, because I was feeling SO good the couple weeks before that. I mean, really, I made two trips to the beach in an eight day period. I haven’t done that since I was in high school, if I even did it then. My naturally pale and sensitive skin does not make me a beach bunny. I’m hoping to have things back together shortly and regain my Mom Sexy.

I wish some of my away time had been filled with fun family activities, but it wasn’t. The babe and I have just been hanging around the house, feeling trapped because the heat is already so ridiculous. Our evening walks are often the highlight of the day because around 7pm it finally starts to feel nice enough to get outside and DO something.

Things have gotten a little more exciting this week since my husband is on vacation. Saturday was our usual party, and Sunday the typical quiet day at home. Sunday night we started discussing the possibility of painting the kitchen, so the husband went to Home Depot and grabbed some paint swatches for us to evaluate. We hemmed and hawed through both Memorial Day parties (family first, then friends after they got off work or got their lazy butts out of bed) and finally with some help from the party goers made our color decision. Paint was purchased and thanks to our awesome friends Mark and Ashley, our kitchen was completely painted and put back together by the time the babe woke up from her afternoon nap today. It looks GREAT, but it is a major adjustment from it’s previous pale neutral color. Now we’re trying to decide what color to paint the living room and possibly get it done while he’s home. Or maybe we’ll paint the bedroom that has had colors picked out for a year, but the chair rail we want is really time consuming to put up.

It’s always an adventure to follow my husband when he gets his mind set on doing something, like home improvement. I’m forcing him away from that To-Do list tomorrow and making him take the babe and I to the beach. I’ve had so much fun taking her, I think he should come with us and play too. Awww, family bonding…

Now a picture recap of Memorial Day…

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