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Time To Help! May 24

I feel like I’m letting down my blog subscribers. I’ve spent so much time this past week with my family (which will always rank over my blog) and reading blogs from the D-List Blog Party (I’m SO behind) and from other blog following activities, that I haven’t had the time to write for myself.

I think I’m going to change up my writing style a bit. Normally I write completely for myself and hope there are others out there who enjoy it and want to provide feedback of some sort. This time, I’m going to let you all help me finish a blog post that I’ve been enjoying for a week.

It’s called 30 Things To Do In Your 30s. In my blog hopping extravaganza, I found this related to someone’s 30th birthday (I know, I know, I need to write down where this stuff comes from so I can link back!) and since I just celebrated my 28th, I want to work on my list for when I get to 30. It’s been a great daydreaming adventure, but since I’ve been so busy, I need inspiration to finish it.

What have you enjoyed most about your 30s? Are there things that you shouldn’t do before you’re 30? Is there an activity you’d recommend to everyone, regardless of age?

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  1. Ohhhh! These are soooo fun to make! You have to do it! It’s fun even if it is just a fantasy. I wonder howmuch of my list I’ll get done.
    Here’s my 30 in my 30s post!
    Good Luck!!!!