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Things I’ve Done Thursday May 13

This week I’ve done nothing. There was a time when I would be ecstatic about that statement, but now, it just irritates me. I’ve come to expect a FEW things to get done every day.

Late in the evening of April 29, my daughter spiked a fever that took 2 full days to bring down, and has only slept through one night since. May 5th, I started to feel an ache in my ears, and after two doctor visits was finally given antibiotics for an ear infection and strep throat this past Monday. The ear and throat pain was so bad that I could only sleep for about an hour at a time before I needed more Advil or Chloraseptic, and when my ears did start to drain, all the junk that was backed up in my ears would block my throat some times during the night and I’d wake up feeling like I was choking. Fun times.

Nearly everything in life is mind over matter, and many of the bloggers I subscribe to have had messages about positive thinking this week. So how do you make a crappy 2 weeks positive?

I got to eat all the popsicles I want. I chose Edy’s All Fruit bars. The strawberry are WONDERFUL. Take a moment and think about it. When was the last time you had free reign to eat all the popsicles you wanted? For most people, it was probably when you had your tonsils removed, or possibly a strange challenge issued to you in your first years at college. I bought a lot, and I intend to eat them until they’re gone!

I’ve also been “allowed” to sit on the couch and do almost nothing except play with my daughter and watch TV. I’ve also played a lot of Warcraft and spent quite a bit of time with my new Nintendo DSiXL. I <3 video games. The babe is fascinated by the touch screen on the DS. I might let her help me edit pictures with the kaleidoscope feature or something. She’d love it, and I will probably have to lock up my DS after that to keep her away from it.

This has been my attempt at positive thought after a crappy two weeks. I’m hoping that I will catch up on my sleep this weekend and I can return to “regular” blogging activities. I might be new to blogging, but I miss the outlet when there aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ve got a bunch of ideas in my head to better merge my mom and food sides. Sometimes it gets weird being stuck in the middle of two very different blogging worlds.

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