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Mother’s Day May 09

This is the first year that I’ve really understood the value in Mother’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother, and I appreciate all she has done for me (especially all the help since my daughter was born and this past week while she and I have been sick), but I rarely ever feel the need to be mushy in showing these emotions. As the day comes closer, everyone seems so concerned about purchasing the right “thing” for their mother or grandmother to show all that mushy love we bottle up, myself included. This made me think, what do I really want for Mother’s Day? Surprisingly, there were not very many “things” on my list.

On Mother’s Day, kinda like my birthday, I don’t think any chores should be done by me. If I choose to cook, ok, but I will not prepare any food that does not directly relate to my own happiness. I also think that I should not have to answer my daughter’s every beck and call. I love her, but on these two special occasions each year (which fall in the same week for me) I should be able to say, “Honey, go to so-and-so for a diaper change.” I’m considering making my brother do diaper duty this year since my husband has a very elaborate dinner planned for myself, my mother, and his mother. Heh. Also, if the kids are old enough, I think they should help prepare a meal for me, or bring me pictures they’ve colored of some of Mommy’s favorite things.

Flowers, candy, and assorted gifts are nice, but I really want to be appreciated on Mother’s Day for the jobs that I do. I want someone else to take care of my responsibilities for a day so I can just BE and enjoy the time together as a family for the holiday. I want to play outside with my daughter in the kiddie pool then hand her soaking wet self over to a grandmother who is dressed too nicely to spend the day with a toddler. I want to be able to spend some time pretending like I’m not an adult, but still a kid, like I am at heart. I truly believe that this mentality will benefit my daughter as well by showing her that each day shouldn’t revolve around a to-do list that must be done or else the little stress ball hidden inside our tummies will gain another pound and create a multitude of health problems as we get older. We need to enjoy the time we’re given in this life.

In short, find a way to show your mother that you love her everyday, and for those who’s mothers are no longer with you, honor her on this day by making her favorite meal and explain to the kids why you made this choice and the memories you have. Then the generations that have come and gone will never really be forgotten.

What is your ideal Mother’s Day? Have you been lucky enough to have one? There’s nothing quite like being a mom. 🙂

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