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Time To Help! May 24

I feel like I’m letting down my blog subscribers. I’ve spent so much time this past week with my family (which will always rank over my blog) and reading blogs from the D-List Blog Party (I’m SO behind) and from other blog following activities, that I haven’t had the time to write for myself.

I think I’m going to change up my writing style a bit. Normally I write completely for myself and hope there are others out there who enjoy it and want to provide feedback of some sort. This time, I’m going to let you all help me finish a blog post that I’ve been enjoying for a week.

It’s called 30 Things To Do In Your 30s. In my blog hopping extravaganza, I found this related to someone’s 30th birthday (I know, I know, I need to write down where this stuff comes from so I can link back!) and since I just celebrated my 28th, I want to work on my list for when I get to 30. It’s been a great daydreaming adventure, but since I’ve been so busy, I need inspiration to finish it.

What have you enjoyed most about your 30s? Are there things that you shouldn’t do before you’re 30? Is there an activity you’d recommend to everyone, regardless of age?

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D-Listed Blog Party May 17

Please pardon the randomness of this post, as I’m joining a blog party I just discovered. I’m still working on the post that was making me smile last night, so have no fear, it will be here in the near future! But in the mean time…

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am a mom of one and a total foodie. This blog is for my random thoughts as they pertain to life, and I’m trying to launch a second blog so I can talk about food. Let’s see, what else can I mention very quickly about myself? I love my daughter, my husband, reading, video games, going to the movies and to the beach. I am learning something new everyday about the juggling act that is motherhood and am really enjoying it despite the downer moments. Unlike many other bloggers out there, I do not write to be popular, but to allow people to share my opinion or debate it constructively. I enjoy hearing what others think on all subjects, especially when they can back up their statements with facts!

Feel free to look around, comment or email if necessary, and subscribe to my RSS feed if you like what you see. I look forward to visiting your blog soon!

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Things I’ve Done Thursday May 13

This week I’ve done nothing. There was a time when I would be ecstatic about that statement, but now, it just irritates me. I’ve come to expect a FEW things to get done every day.

Late in the evening of April 29, my daughter spiked a fever that took 2 full days to bring down, and has only slept through one night since. May 5th, I started to feel an ache in my ears, and after two doctor visits was finally given antibiotics for an ear infection and strep throat this past Monday. The ear and throat pain was so bad that I could only sleep for about an hour at a time before I needed more Advil or Chloraseptic, and when my ears did start to drain, all the junk that was backed up in my ears would block my throat some times during the night and I’d wake up feeling like I was choking. Fun times.

Nearly everything in life is mind over matter, and many of the bloggers I subscribe to have had messages about positive thinking this week. So how do you make a crappy 2 weeks positive?

I got to eat all the popsicles I want. I chose Edy’s All Fruit bars. The strawberry are WONDERFUL. Take a moment and think about it. When was the last time you had free reign to eat all the popsicles you wanted? For most people, it was probably when you had your tonsils removed, or possibly a strange challenge issued to you in your first years at college. I bought a lot, and I intend to eat them until they’re gone!

I’ve also been “allowed” to sit on the couch and do almost nothing except play with my daughter and watch TV. I’ve also played a lot of Warcraft and spent quite a bit of time with my new Nintendo DSiXL. I <3 video games. The babe is fascinated by the touch screen on the DS. I might let her help me edit pictures with the kaleidoscope feature or something. She’d love it, and I will probably have to lock up my DS after that to keep her away from it.

This has been my attempt at positive thought after a crappy two weeks. I’m hoping that I will catch up on my sleep this weekend and I can return to “regular” blogging activities. I might be new to blogging, but I miss the outlet when there aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ve got a bunch of ideas in my head to better merge my mom and food sides. Sometimes it gets weird being stuck in the middle of two very different blogging worlds.

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Mother’s Day May 09

This is the first year that I’ve really understood the value in Mother’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother, and I appreciate all she has done for me (especially all the help since my daughter was born and this past week while she and I have been sick), but I rarely ever feel the need to be mushy in showing these emotions. As the day comes closer, everyone seems so concerned about purchasing the right “thing” for their mother or grandmother to show all that mushy love we bottle up, myself included. This made me think, what do I really want for Mother’s Day? Surprisingly, there were not very many “things” on my list.

On Mother’s Day, kinda like my birthday, I don’t think any chores should be done by me. If I choose to cook, ok, but I will not prepare any food that does not directly relate to my own happiness. I also think that I should not have to answer my daughter’s every beck and call. I love her, but on these two special occasions each year (which fall in the same week for me) I should be able to say, “Honey, go to so-and-so for a diaper change.” I’m considering making my brother do diaper duty this year since my husband has a very elaborate dinner planned for myself, my mother, and his mother. Heh. Also, if the kids are old enough, I think they should help prepare a meal for me, or bring me pictures they’ve colored of some of Mommy’s favorite things.

Flowers, candy, and assorted gifts are nice, but I really want to be appreciated on Mother’s Day for the jobs that I do. I want someone else to take care of my responsibilities for a day so I can just BE and enjoy the time together as a family for the holiday. I want to play outside with my daughter in the kiddie pool then hand her soaking wet self over to a grandmother who is dressed too nicely to spend the day with a toddler. I want to be able to spend some time pretending like I’m not an adult, but still a kid, like I am at heart. I truly believe that this mentality will benefit my daughter as well by showing her that each day shouldn’t revolve around a to-do list that must be done or else the little stress ball hidden inside our tummies will gain another pound and create a multitude of health problems as we get older. We need to enjoy the time we’re given in this life.

In short, find a way to show your mother that you love her everyday, and for those who’s mothers are no longer with you, honor her on this day by making her favorite meal and explain to the kids why you made this choice and the memories you have. Then the generations that have come and gone will never really be forgotten.

What is your ideal Mother’s Day? Have you been lucky enough to have one? There’s nothing quite like being a mom. 🙂

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28 Things May 05

28 Things About Me to Celebrate my 28th Birthday

Although this is now several days late, I’m just glad that I finished it since the babe was sick all of my birthday weekend. We are still having some issues returning to our regularly scheduled programming, so it is definitely an off week. A slight bummer after TWO awesome weeks, but hey, there will always be ups and downs in life.

1. I love all things sweet. For my birthday celebration, I ordered 2 dozen mini cupcakes from Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Holly.
2. I love the outdoors.
3. I hate to sweat, which is why I don’t spend all that much time outdoors.
4. I love video games. I’m no expert, but I love them anyway. Especially World of Warcraft and all the active Wii games.
5. I love to read. Anything. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s well-written.
6. I’ve fallen in love with the Disney Channel and, embarrassingly enough, Hannah Montana.
7. I’d love to scrapbook, but I’m one of those people who needs uninterrupted time, a large blank work space and ALL of the items to make a page or book before I sit down to do it. This has resulted in a ton of supplies and not many scrapbooks. I’m only sad that Aly’s isn’t farther along than it is.
8. This is my first birthday where the day hasn’t felt special. Apparently I’m reaching the “old” stage of life.
9. I don’t know what I’d do without my Blackberry and Blackberry Messenger. My phone bill would be HUGE if all of those were text messages! I also would have missed out on the support and sympathy from cousin Robyn while we were both pregnant with our firstborns.
10. I hate to run. Unless I’m feeling a crushing amount of stress, to the point where I’m going to curl up in a corner and just bawl, you will never see me run for fun. Now, if you throw a Frisbee, I will catch it and run to do so if need be. But no running around the block for this gal.
11. I love food. Cooking and eating are two of my favorite things to do, and I’m not too limited in what I eat.
12. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to color with me. It’s one of my favorite pastimes, and Crayola has come out with so many new, cool things since I was the coloring age!
13. I prefer important places like the living room and my computer space to be uncluttered. This never happens because Aly’s play room is the living room, and my computer space is currently at the bar that collects all the stuff no one feels like climbing over the baby gate into the kitchen to put away. I’d still prefer them to be uncluttered.
14. I love candles and pretty candle accessories. I should not be allowed anywhere near Yankee Candle or Bed Bath and Beyond.
15. I actually like light and medium bodied coffee and often wish I could drink them black. Unfortunately, my GERD won’t allow me to do that.
16. It’s pretty difficult for me to create this list. 28 is a pretty high number, but still, you’d think after 28 years I’d have less of an issue creating it.
17. I love theme parks, so I love living in the Orlando area, even if it does get hot as a kiln here in the late spring, summer, and early fall.
18. I prefer to travel by car rather than airplane. There are so many more things to see and do that way, although if you really need to be somewhere quick, you can’t beat taking a plane.
19. I’m a nervous flyer who spends most of the flight concentrating on my breathing or reading a book. I dread the first time I have to take my daughter on a plane and try to explain everything calmly to her.
20. Laundry is my least favorite chore. There are so many steps and it’s so time consuming, I really dread doing it. My new chore plan has made it tolerable, but still my least favorite chore.
21. I want a boat.
22. I want to learn to operate my boat so we can cruise up and down the St. Johns and part of the Eastern seaboard. It’s so relaxing being on the water.
23. One of my must eat high calorie foods is Panera’s Cinnamon Crunch bagel, preferable with hazelnut cream cheese. Ohsotasty and irresistible.
24. Bacon is the only meat I’ll eat without thinking twice about it.
25. I like large, mismatched coffee cups. Who needs a matched set of coffee mugs when you can use souvenir mugs or mugs in cool colors/designs in various shapes and sizes? I’ll leave the matched sets to the serious tea drinkers of the world. 😉
26. I like tea, but only with a ton of sugar. I blame that on living in the South. It’s just not tea without a ton of sugar.
27. I found my girly side when my daughter was born and now have a huge fascination with purses and bags. I’m afraid my Macy’s gift card my mom gave me for my birthday won’t be used for new clothes, but will instead help pay for a new bag. 😛
28. Last thing… What should it be??? I’m terribly indecisive and second guess myself on everything. I need to give this list just a quick glance then publish it before I talk myself out of replacing some of them…