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The Week in Review Apr 30

The babe and I have had another busy and fun-filled week. We attended Story time at the library, relaxed at the beach with Raya and Jennifer, went through sunburn recovery, and even had a bit of a rough start to this Thursday as both her bottom molars struggle to the surface.

Then came Thursday evening when my baby started to radiate heat and refused to separate from her mama no matter how asleep I thought she was. She topped the charts on her first real fever EVER in her life at 102.5. Tylenol was given and her temperature dropped to a more reasonable 99.5.

It is now Friday morning when I try to finish this post, and without medication, her fever stands at 100.4 and I am torn about what to do. She will be receiving more Tylenol soon. If today wasn’t Friday, I’d be content to wait and observe her condition. I hate taking her to the doctor, and she doesn’t have any other sick symptoms. However, it is Friday, and that brings more anxiety into the picture when the pediatrician’s office closes this afternoon. As usual, I’ll wait until they come back from lunch to decide.

I’m a little disappointed that what was supposed to be a lighthearted recap of our happy week has turned into a very typical nervous mama post. However, I did start this blog to talk about what was on my mind, have found some amazing other moms in the blogosphere, and my daughter and her happiness are a big part of my own happiness. So I think of this as just another bump along the mommy road and know that we did have an awesome almost 2 weeks before she had any issue whatsoever, so I think we’re ending April on a happy note. I KNOW May is starting on a happy note, because it’s my BIRTHDAY on Sunday, my husband’s BIRTHDAY the following Saturday and then MOTHER’S DAY!! Festivities start tomorrow night with my birthday celebration during Rock Band. More on that later. 🙂

And we’ll close with a few pics from the beach this week. We brought out the sand toys!

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