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UBP10 After Party Apr 16

I, like many others I’m sure, am very relieved that the Ultimate Blog Party Mclinky will remain active, because I became overwhelmed about halfway through the week trying to visit as many blogs as possible. It reminded me a lot of my behavior at a real party when I reach the halfway point and wonder, “May I please pause the party, go home and recover for awhile, and return to this good time at a later date?” With the UBP, I CAN!!! I visited approximately 65 new blogs (and I promise to check out more!) and while I like them all, it is impossible to keep up with all of them in the way that I would like. Three of the blogs that have already made my blogroll are: The Mommyologist, The Amateur Kitchen, and Nolie’s Place.

Who doesn’t love The Mommyologist? I mean really, with Mom Sexy happening April 26th, that’s a blog I need to be reading. We ARE all sexy, whether we feel it or not. And while I never had the opportunity to anticipate the arrival of What the Heck? Wednesdays, it is something I might be using to help me express some of the smaller frustrations that might be piling up. Everyone needs a way to release their negative emotions before they explode.

I love to cook, so I definitely will be keeping up with The Amateur Kitchen. Her description says it all, “I find recipes so you don’t have to. I cook them. I photograph them. I taste them. And then I tell you about it.” I know I read a lot of recipes in magazines and wonder if that strange ingredient combination actually works in the dish. Now I won’t be wondering any more when I re-create recipes from The Amateur Kitchen.

Nolie’s Place is a blog that kinda makes me feel like I’m at home, if that makes any sense. There aren’t any flashy ads or a thousand reviews to wade through before you get to her real thoughts and feelings content. Everything is written very cleanly and the emotion of the post really shows through. If you read this, I’m sorry it’s not a glowing review of your blog, but it does give me a warm and fuzzy feeling to check in on you. 🙂

Those are just a few of the people I’ve visited from this year’s Ultimate Blog Party and I hope to visit and connect with more in the near future. However, it won’t be today, because I spent the day taking care of my 15 month old daughter AND a friend’s 5 year and 18 month old sons. Oh my, what a shock that was, but not a story for this post. Maybe another day. So for now I’ll be relaxing in my recliner with a heating pad and enjoying the last bit of a quiet Friday night. Good night everyone, it’s been a great UBP.

P.S. Oh, and this is one of the cutest kid pics I’ve seen this past week from Adventures in All Things Food. While the blog didn’t make my top three, this pic has made me smile every time I’ve visited this blog.

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2 Responses
  1. kristy says:

    i found you thru the UBP. I know i am late,but i am having so much fun reading all these wonderful blogs. I am not a blooger myself. but i enjoy reading them. I am trying to post a comment on all the ones i enjoy but that is getting to be a lot:). YOu have done a great job. i’ll be abck soon

  2. Heligirl says:

    Hey Erin. Stopping by to check out your blog from the D-List. Thanks for visiting mine. I also love the Mommyologist. She’s a hoot, isn’t she. I so envy your foodie side. As much as I love food, I just can get the time to really create the yummy stuff I long to. I look forward to your new food blog. And now I’m curious about Nolie’s Place. I best check that out. Thanks for the tip!