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Home Sweet Germy Home Apr 06

An odd thing has happened since the birth of my daughter. Someone is ALWAYS sick. My husband has been sick four times since Christmas, I’ve been sick three times, and my daughter has been on a constant roller coaster ride of stuffiness and stomach issues. Now, many of Aly’s issues are caused by teething and my husband’s by allergies (which is a chronic problem with him), but what’s causing mine? I do have some allergy issues, but it’s usually an annoyance more than anything else. We’ve been eating healthier and the house is always in ok shape clean-wise because I’m home all day constantly cleaning up anything that Aly might decide to put in her mouth. Why the change in my immune system? I used to have an immune system made of steel. I worked in pharmacy for four years and interacted with sick people all day long. I rarely took sick days. I feel like my body is letting me and my daughter down. I spent most of the day today holding down the couch watching cartoons with Aly. She needs more activity in her life. I’m very excited for tomorrow because it’s “water day” with the boys. We’ll be turning on the cool kiddie sprinkler and splash pool and having a blast. I’m just crossing my fingers that we both feel well enough and have the energy to do so.

How do you keep yourself well physically, mentally and emotionally?

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