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Passions and My Blogging Voice Mar 30

When I came up with the name for my blog and chose the design, I had originally wanted a place where all the fanciful things in my head could have a home and possibly make other people happy as well. I’ve noticed that I’ve had more realistic experiences and posts as those subjects have been at the forefront of my mind. This leads me to wonder what my blogging voice is, and how I fit into the blogging world.

As another blogger mentioned, I have to determine what I have been blogging about, what I want to be blogging about, and what I feel like I should be blogging about. The change I’ve already noticed from creation to now (I think) stems from indecision about what might be important not just to me but to the masses and the fact that I am not an expert on anything. Many people who blog are experts in their own right, and I don’t feel that I have a place in that category yet. I have managed to lose quite a bit of weight since my husband and I made our “resolutions” on Jan 4. I will be talking about that throughout the coming year, but the detailed info will not be here, but on another blog that my husband and I are working on together about the way we eat and how we’ve managed to accomplish the weight loss that we have.

Supposedly the answer to the blogging question comes from another question. What am I passionate about? I am passionate about my daughter, my husband, and all things that make us happy. Vacations for all, any new experience for my daughter, World of Warcraft for me, and if we’re happy, my husband is happy. He’s always telling me the work is worth it as long as he comes home to happy girls. Since I do not wish to blog about Warcraft, that leaves vacations and experiences. These are generally fantastic topics to blog about, but my husband’s work and school schedule does not allow us as much family time for vacations as we would like. Everything is new to my daughter, but my introverted ways often keep us from activities that the rest of the world finds interesting.

This brings me back to my original “question.” I have been blogging about things that are on my mind. They’ve mostly been mom issues with a color daydream and a vacation making their appearance. I want to blog about things that make people smile and help others know that they are not the only person out there with any particular problem. I feel like I should blog about things I am “expert” at, but there are already enough Warcraft and general food blogs in the world, and a more specific food blog is in the works elsewhere. There’s no need to remake the wheel unless it’s going to be how I do it.

All I’ve learned is that no matter what I named my blog, I seem to be writing about things I’m passionate about, and for now, that’s good enough for me.

What are you passionate about? How did you find your blogging voice?

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